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Kyra Sarakosti

Posted by Sophia on 18/03/2021

Meet “Lady Lent”; a special biscuit in the form of a lady, crafted and baked on “Clean Monday”. This “Kyra Sarakosti”, as she is called in Greek, gets her name from the forty days fasting period before Easter. She is traditionally made only with flour and water, as it fits the abstinence philosophy of fasting, which signalises the beginning of an important period for the Orthodox believers.

If you look closer at her, you will notice that she has no mouth, indicating the long fasting period without the consumption of meat, dairy products or eggs. She also has no ears, because she refuses to listen to gossip; fasting is not only for the body but equally important for the soul.

Sometimes she wears a cross on her head representing the religious service of Easter and her hands are folded for prayer. We can also find her dressed as a nun or in a traditional folklore costume.

And last but not least; the perhaps obvious fact that she has seven legs! Each one represents a week until easter arrives. Every Saturday until Eastern, the children get to break off one foot. Whoever finds the last foot, which is removed and hidden inside fruits, nuts or treats, gets the “τυχερό”: lots of good luck!

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