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A Greek Easter journey

Posted by Office on 29/04/2021

In a few days, every corner of Greece will celebrate Easter in its own unique way. Traveling through Greece, you will discover unique Easter customs so this year we give you a small online journey through these traditions!

Every Holy Friday, all churches hold the procession of the Epitaph. In most places, the Epitaph remains in the church until the Resurrection Mass, but on the island of Hydra and Tinos on the other hand it’s carried into the sea so the water and people are both blessed!

On Crete, on the morning of Holy Saturday, the boys of the village gather dry woods and branches near the church. At the top of the woodpile they place the effigy of Judah, and after the liturgy of the Resurrection they “burn Judah”. On Corfu, every Holy Saturday at noon, Corfiots begin throwing thousands of botides (clay pots) from their windows as a way to chase “evil” away and celebrate the rebirth of nature.

Easter Sunday, when the resurrection of Christ is celebrated with the holy light, Chios has quite an unusual spectacle. Two churches in the village of Vrontados found a smart way of avoiding the Ottoman prohibition of religion and celebrated Christian events by staging a rocket war between themselves. It still takes place today, with both churches shooting fire arrows at each other, and whoever hits the opposite church tower bell can declare victory!

As Patmos is also an island with deep religious roots, an impressive fireworks display lights up the night sky when “Christós Anésti” (Christ has risen) is heard!

Easter is most of all a time to look forward, in good spirit, and enjoy the company of family and friends. Therefore we wish you all a Happy Easter!

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